How to Heal your Hate with Bhante Akāliko

How to Heal Your Hate
A talk for the Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Sometimes life can leave scars in our hearts that make us hurt and unhappy. Sometimes our personal and collective trauma leads to hatred towards others, or for the world. However if we are not careful, strong emotions like resentment and hatred will overwhelm our mind, destroying our peace and happiness. Join Bhante Akaliko for a guided meditation and discover the Buddha’s advice on how we can heal our hate, so that we can fill our hearts with loving kindness and compassion instead.


Where: Buddhist Library 92 Church Street Camperdown & online
Attendance: Two options person at the Buddhist Library or 2. via ZOOM.
Register: Please register your intention to attend by via the Trybooking link.

Dana: This presentation is offered freely. Attendees may choose to make a contribution when registering via Trybooking.


ThIs is happening tonight!

I’ll be using memes :rofl::laughing::rofl: to help illustrate suttas that talk about hate. So If you like memes you will enjoy! but if you hate memes then you should definitely come so you can learn about the Buddha’s advice on how to heal your hate! :grinning:

This is the vibe:

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