How To Look Up The Meaning Of Translations?

How To Look Up The Meaning Of Translations?

Lets say you come across the translated term “investigation of principals”.

How do you find out what that means?

Is there a glossary?

If not, is the way to find the meaning to find the original Pali term, then go to a Pali dictionary?

If so, what is a good online Pali dictionary?

The split view of the translation and Pali helps, but often it is cumbersome for finding the word in Pali as the Pali words aren’t in the same order as the English translations.

Thanks for any tips!

As cumbersome as it can be, it will drastically improve your understanding of Pali. I didn’t notice it the first few years, but eventually it will get to the point where you can just switch over to the Pali from the English and find what you are looking for. Use the pop up feature and it will help you see how the sentences and compounds are put together. It won’t make you an expert, but it will make you very capable when trying to investigate terms and phrases.

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Yes, there is this index of terminology on SuttaCentral, and there’s also this one here on D&D.


Bookmarked! Thank you very much!

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Search for “glossary” here on the forum, you may find more.