How to use Sutta Central Voice?

When I click ‘Sutta Central Voice; Listen to Suttas’ in the menu of this website, the attached photo is what I see, and I have no idea how I can use this. Could someone please help me?

Thanks. :pray:



There are some instructions in the “About Voice” pages. You find them by clicking the “i” icon in the top right corner of the website.

There’s also a tag sc-voice on some threads in this forum (I’ve also added one to this thread). There too you may find some information. Note especially this thread.

Very short: You can just press “inspire me” to get some proposal for listening, or use the search field to enter a Sutta ID like mn1 or an3.1, or search for your own string of text, like root of suffering.

Select the Sutta you want to listen to and press the PLAY button.

If you come to Voice from a specific Sutta on SuttaCentral (the navigation cards have a speaker icon :speaker:), then Voice opens that Sutta directly.

If you want to change settings you first need to allow cookies—they don’t do anything bad but just save your settings in your own browser; it’s for the requirements of the GDPR, the European data protection law.

Please also note that Voice has become an “old man” by now with breaking software and will be replaced by something new, but at the moment it’s still working as is! :+1:

If you have more questions please feel free to ask again here.


Thank you, Ayya Sabbamitta.



Thank you so much! :blush::pray:

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