How we view what is considered the Saha World

Based on this world, the Saha World, and the vastly different types of creatures who live in it, what is the EBT stance on how different types of people and beings perceive this world?

I am saying, say there are two people… one person sees the world physically, emotionally, dimensionslly, thought-spaced, and visually in one way, and another person sees the world as completely different in all these factors, and even differently in other factors that the first person doesn’t have. Now these perception levels could have to do with karma, emotions, lifespan, or type of being they are (be they a hungry ghost, human, asura, or Deva)…

And what if Unlimited Enlightened Vision could give a Tathagata the ability to view this world in such a way that would break the barriers between different types of living entities, and a Higher Spiritual perceptive ability could be attuned to. We have some of this tapped into with the Brahmaviharas, the Jhanas, Stream Entry, and more. Full Nibbana seems to connect all types of individuals to share a common Refuge. So my question is, what would Enlightenment in understanding the subject of viewing one world in such multiplicities bring, based on perception, and how does one connect the different perceptive dots of the perceivers, what role does Enlightenment bring here, and what does the Buddha say about this? What do the EBT’s say?

I remember it was mentioned that a demon could see and experience river as fire because of their karma, and a Deva as a cool refreshing stream to cool their thirst. This makes me feel and think of a lot of perceptual and experience level differences in the world.

May we cure others’ ills and live for a better world for all.