How would you use a QR code feature on SuttaCentral?

Way back in August of 2021, @milkii suggested on GitHub that sharing by QR Code be added to SuttaCentral. If you like, you can read the discussion there.

Currently there is a share feature when viewing a SuttaPlex card:

My idea was to add qr codes there:

That could lead to something like:

But my real question to you all is How might you make use of this feature?

One possible use case is for someone making a presentation to share this with the audience so they can all open the sutta in their mobile device. Another would be to include it on a class handout so students could open up in their phone.

By knowing how someone might use the feature, we could make sure that it was as useful as possible.


Thanks for asking the question. i don’t use QR codes much myself, so I don’t have a sense of the possibilities. But let’s see if there is interest.


Yes. That would be handy. :anjal:

Just curious if you do presentations like that. Not that you have to to like the feature, of course.

I don’t do presentations but I have been to a couple of sutta classes and workshops in which the QR code would have been handy.
People usually get half of the story and end up googling for ‘suttacentral’ (or a misspelling of it), ‘half finding it’ but not getting to the sutta and possibly getting here (D&D) instead of the actual sutta repository!

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I can imagine a monastic giving a talk, using slides, show the QR code while talking about that sutta, and the audience use phone to read along on their mobile. If the setting is super large hall which the screen is too small for reading the sutta it might be good. Or a workshop setting is better where participants are to read the suttas on the spot. Or a small group discussion for newcomers especially who doesn’t know how to use sutta central website. Just print a QR code, let them get the sutta on their mobile and read along in the sutta discussion group.

Posters, put a QR code on the sutta that the dhamma talk is about.

Book. Citation wise, can just put QR code at footnote for people to scan for physical book instead of them having to flip to endnotes at the end.

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Not being a QR user, i’m wondering if a third party service can do this? Turns out there is:

Not sure what advantage it would have to build this on site …

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Thank you @Snowbird for bringing this up. I was not aware of this conversation and I could use it, in fact, for my study group. The format you have presented here would be beneficial for us. I typically project the sutta on my living room screen for group reading, and displaying the QR code for participants to access on their phones later is a great idea. :pray:

Thanks for the feedback. May I ask, what web browser are you using when you do this?

Also, put QR codes on Buddhist memes. Have people laugh at the concept of the meme and then learn the sutta directly afterwards. Better usage for physical posters as in digital, it’s easier to clink a link.

Sure. I am using Chrome or Brave. Ah yes, there’s a built in QR feature in them, I didn’t think of that.

Great. So in Chrome, you are already able to create one by right clicking on a page and selecting “Create QR Code for this page”. You get this:

Note that if you have clicked on a reference, the code created will be directly to that segment.


That’s great thank you. For me this feature will be all I need then.

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Yes. Initially I thought I would never use this feature but the example of the group is actually quite relevant.

Now I know that I can already do this, I certainly will!