HTML Custom Elements and ARIA roles

I was checking out the state of the art of progressive web technologies.

One of the interesting ones is Custom Elements. Essentially it’s a formalized way to create your own HTML tags. A custom element must contain a - in order to be valid, this is how they are distinguished from built-in HTML tags, past, present and future.

One thing this could be relevant to is the markup for our texts. For example, it would be valid to say:

<p-num class="pts" id="pts1">

Custom Elements are especially relevant to when an element has custom behaviour.

Custom Elements have no semantics, they are like a span or div. That is where ARIA becomes relevant, for example the aria roles

I haven’t really put much thought into how we should use these things, this is an awareness thread, that we should be aware that these possibilities exist as we move forward.


Thanks. I also just started looking into various accessibility options (f.i. so this would tie in with that.