HTML download of entire site


may i ask that where to find full html files package of the entire site?
if got all the html files, i could converted them into a single epub file, or other ebook formats. :slight_smile:

EPUBs are go!

this site is very cool. it provides the whole site for download :slight_smile:


I believe the source html for all the suttas on SuttaCentral are available in the sc-data repo on GitHub


@Khemarato.bhikkhu Apologies for this late reply. Could you kindly teach me how to download a single source html file(or a .zip) like in accesstoinsight ?
Thank You


You can get a zip of the repo here:


@Khemarato.bhikkhu Thank You Very Much.


thanks a lot! :pray::grinning:



and i’ve download the html file package, but where is the index.html file so that I could view the website offline?


It doesn’t work like that.

  • You can run the whole site normally offline, it is a PWA, that is what it is for.
  • If you want to read ebooks, download the EPUB files.
  • If you want the whole data repository and code base, download it from Github.


thanks, and to run the whole site normally offline, what should I do with the downloaded files? in there seems nothing I could run?


What you want to do is simply go to this url: SuttaCentral: Offline (note: only works with the desktop browser Chrome)

(If you really want to run the server locally, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined in the readme of the main code repo: suttacentral)