HTTP 500 error at

Dear SuttaCentral team,

I have detected the following bug:

This page does not load:

Upon inspecting the network, the following API call returns a 500 error code:

The same behaviour happens in other sections of SĀ (sa301-400, sa701-800, etc.), though not all, as, for example, works perfectly.

Please let me know whether it is actually something related to my setup, in which case I will solve it on my end.

Otherwise, hope that this report can be beneficial for the improvement of SuttaCentral. Thank you for your time

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With Metta,
On behalf of the moderators

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I’ve run into a similar issue that may be related. I get the error message “Use Offline” when I try to load SA 740, and I notice that SA701-800 also refuses to load. The sutras adjacent to SA 740 do load, though, so perhaps individual sutras are causing the index pages to choke.

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