Hungry Ghosts: Halloween Special with Bhante Akaliko

This Halloween, join Bhante Akaliko for spooky stories from the ancient Buddhist text, the Peta Vatthu.

In Buddhist cosmology, hungry ghosts are reborn in a miserable state of woe due to evil deeds from their previous life. Tormented by the consequences of their past actions, they lead horrid lives of constant pain and deprivation. Suffering from incurable hunger, their giant bellies are thwarted by tiny mouths. Forced to survive on filth and other horrors, they have putrid bodies and their breath stinks. But that’s just the beginning of their suffering!

This Halloween, find out how to avoid becoming a hungry ghost in your next life by joining Bhante Akaliko for a spooky journey through the ghost stories of the ancient Buddhist text, the Peta Vatthu.

Sunday 31st October 7:30pm AEDT (UTC+11) Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne

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Online event. Registration essential to receive the zoom link:


For those who missed it but are still feeling spooky and want to catch up:


Slide presentation:

Verses from the Peta Vatthu:


Great intro to the Peta Vatthu, and the subject of hungry ghosts in general. I can’t resist ghost stories, and I played some suitable ambient music in the background as I watched.

And it looks like there have been some other recent uploads as well:

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