I. B. Horner, 2017

I know that folks are working on other more important things, but I just notice this:

I think this is really misleading. It was published in 1954. I understand that there may be a more recent copyright, and that’s fine. But to the average reader they will think that it was translated recently. I’d suggest removing the year from this part of the site and changing the info box to better reflect the nature of the translation.


This is a bug in the metadata. I have fixed it with this commit:

(In case you’re interested, it was never meant as an actual publication date. These dates are automatically extracted from the text metadata, and in this case clearly the metadata has been mislabelled.)


I’ve always thought it was the year in which ajahn @Brahmali reviewed it!

Well, this is MN, not Vinaya.

The publication status of the Vinaya is a bit of a kludge, as our text is a mix of Horner and Brahmali’s Vinaya. The aim is that when Ven Brahmali is finished, we’ll present his translation and Horner’s separately.


This is probably why I was so surprised when I read I.B. Horner’s biography. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: