I have a spare copy of 'A New Course in Reading Pāli by Gair and Karunatillake'

I’ve been away from my computer for a few weeks, packing up the house to move, and I discover that I have two copies of A New Course in Reading Pāli by Gair and Karunatillake. If anyone in Australia would like the spare, pm me your address and I’ll despatch it to the writer of the first message received.


I was looking at this on Amazon the other day.

How complete is it? If I worked through all of it instead of tackling Warder, would I obtain a basic capability to read the suttas ? with a dictionary in hand of course

I find the two works very complementary. Gair and K foreground sutta texts more than sentence grammar. Also, there are useful (if rather slow) free audio lessons here.

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