I like this forum


I very much appreciate the friendly and constructive atmosphere here, so thanks to the admins and mods. An added bonus is some very knowledgeable and interesting contributors.

I’ve been posting on Buddhist forums for nearly 20 years, and it’s fascinating to see how these online communities develop ( or not, in some cases! ).:grin:


Your appreciation is much appreciated! :pray:


Wow. It is quite a long time.
I’ve been posting on Buddhist forums for only six years. More to the point I was studding Buddhism only about eight years.


I joined e-sangha as a possibly imaginary giant hedgehog about a year before it folded. A lot of water under the bridge since then! Many forums, and many interesting characters.

I’ve been involved with “real-world” sanghas during this period, but have really appreciated the online communities too.


It is very unfortunate to see these Dhamma discussion groups dissapeard. We invest lot of time in these forums. One ay all our work can be lost not been able torecover again. That is I like to see members in multiple forums with the same name. For instance I am in Dhamma Wheel and Stack Exchange as well.
By the way why e-Sangha went down the hill? Perhaps other forum can learn from that experience.


Whippet, are you aka Dinsdale ?
If so, I claim my £5 :slight_smile:
If not, forgive the presumption.


Well spotted! You can claim your £5 prize, but first I need all your bank details and passwords. :yum:


I still like this forum a lot… :laughing:


And I STILL like it… something of a record for me… :grin:


Please don’t harass this forum… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, the mods do a great job here! :clap::clap: And props too to the selfless ones working on SuttaCentral, patiently putting up with us backseat drivers! :joy:



I like this forum too :smiley: :anjal:

Metta to all the kalyanamittas