“I teach only suffering and the cessation of suffering.”

It appears Buddha did not quite say the above.
I like to know how Bhante @sujato translate this.

I Teach Only Suffering and the End of Suffering

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From SN 22.86

Pubbe cāhaṃ, anurādha, etarahi ca dukkhañceva paññapemi, dukkhassa ca nirodhan

Sujato’s translation is:

In the past, as today, I describe suffering and the cessation of suffering.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu translated as:

Both formerly and now, it is only stress that I describe, and the cessation of stress.

and Bhikkhu Bodhi (originally) translated as:

Formerly, Anuradha, and also now, I make known just suffering and the cessation of suffering.

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Do you think the word "only " distort the real meaning.
What is the Pali word for describe?

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