I will prefer SN and Agamas show on Top of Search

I prefer that the search results will have SN and Agamas on Top. I find AN very useful texts but I prefer SN or Agamas. Is there any way we can add which we want? will be really helpful.

We will be rebuilding search ASAP, and to enabling users to personalize their results is certainly something we will consider. It’d be helpful if you could open an issue over on Github and describe what you want in as much detail as possible.

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Yeah, that’s actually not a bad idea. Giving people the option to select their preferred collections/translators etc and giving those a boost in the results ranking.

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Good news indeed! I’m not the most scholarly monk and my searches tend to be random things I think about, say from an Ajahn Brahm talk or something I’ve heard in passing. These tend often to be tricky to find via SC search. It’s fairly universal that the major search engines do a better job of indexing sites than the site’s owners.

But yeah, hard! Good luck.

I can see the advantage to that, but I think that being able to restrict to specific collections would be good enough. Giving weight to results seems like it would be very complex and might cause other problems.

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Voice is able to do exactly that, restrict to specific collections. However, it does only show the Pali canon, not the Agamas.

Type for example: root of suffering -tc:sn

See the description here, under “advanced search”, with table for Tipitaka categories (tc).


Help! What to do if SuttaCentral Search is not working?

Keep calm and clear your browser cookies first! If that doesn’t work, use any of the following alternative Google powered Search engines :smiley:

www.bit.ly/SuttaCentral … to search the entire SuttaCentral site

bit.ly/SuttaCentralEBT … to restrict search results to the 4 EBT (DN,MN,AN,SN)

bit.ly/SuttaCentralDN … to search DN only

bit.ly/SuttaCentralMN … to search MN only

bit.ly/SuttaCentralSN … to search SN only

bit.ly/SuttaCentralAN … to search AN only

<please stick to the appropriate character capitalization if typing manually - its SuttaCentral, not suttacentral

-courtesy of @faujidoc1 and the mod team


To the above I have added

bit.ly/SuttaCentralAgamas … to restrict search results to the Agamas only (searches only the available English translations)


I don’t have a job. Can I be payed to improve the website and forum? It looks I would love that kinda job. Just read what others suggested and enter it.

We forget just how hard it is to do search. Cracking it made Google one of the world’s biggest companies.

Some of the difference is philosophical. Google wants to point you to things that other people are interested in. I’d rather point you to things that lie undiscovered.

But for our search, i’d like to focus on things that google can’t do. We should complement google (et al) not replace them. Different approaches!

We just have to see what works in the system as-is. Sometimes what is easy seems hard and what is hard seems easy.

I’ll message you!