If there is no more rebirth for arhat, why did Buddha give prediction to arhats in Lotus Sutra?

In Lotus Sutra Buddha gave prediction of Buddhahood even to arhats, how is that possible?

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Buddhas do not take birth, they are not in the realm of Samsara or the Saha world. They come here in Enlightened Emanation Bodies.

Remember me, brahmin, as a Buddha.

I could have been reborn as a god,
or as a fairy flying through the sky.
I could have become a native spirit,
or returned as a human.
But the defilements that could bring about these rebirths
I’ve ended, smashed, and gutted.

Like a graceful lotus,
to which water does not cling,
the world doesn’t cling to me,
and so, brahmin, I am a Buddha.

-AN 4.36 Sujato.

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And also let me directly answer your question bases on what you ask, Arhats can be reborn if they want to be, until they become Buddhas or have accomplished their Spiritual Objectives. However, becoming a Buddha doesn’t require one to be reborn, full Enlightenment can come in the Stream of Nibbana, when the Arhat is not in the Saha World but in Nibbana. There are activities there as well, however they are Anatta, non-Self, and in the perfect Sunyatic Realization of Nibbana. It is so precious, however, to share the gift of the Dharma that is why the Buddhas and Arhats are still interacting with this world, like the Lotus untouched by the mud, they are Sage Lords.

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