Improve the search bar for exact sutta name search

I have noticed the search bar will identify words in the suttas which super cool to search teachings etc But I have difficulty sometimes finding the searched sutta name. It might appear but a few suttas down. For example searching saṃyukta āgama will not give all as good as when search Sūtra. Because it’s a word in the Samyutta Agamas some of them appear. But it makes me wonder if there is other versions on the website. so searching saṃyukta āgama should bring all up. And also the correct names of these sutras needs to be worked on. Now most are SA numbered. Thank you.

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This has previously been discussed in D&D:



Oh I forgot to search first lol :joy: thanks :pray:


I was thinking about this this morning. There are some cool things we’re doing now on our translation app Bilara, and I’m hoping they can be applied to SC, too. But it is complicated!