In DS 1.1, hover lookup wrongly parses Asaṃ­kiliṭ­ṭha­asaṃ­ki­lesikā as Asaṅ­kiliṭ­ṭha­ + saṅ­ki­lesika

This is in Abdhidhamma Ds1.1 Section 5. Saṃ­kiliṭ­ṭhat­tika.

The automatic Pali-> English hover translate wrongly parses
Asaṃ­kiliṭ­ṭha­asaṃ­ki­lesikā as Asaṅ­kiliṭ­ṭha­ + saṅ­ki­lesika,
instead of the correct Asaṅ­kiliṭ­ṭha­ + (a + saṅ­ki­lesika).

Similar erroneous parsing in Ds1.1 6. Vitakkattika of
Avitak­ka­avi­cārā as an+vitakka+vi­cāra
instead of the correct an+vitakka + (a + vi­cāra).

On another note,
there is another kind of error of parsing
Savitak­ka­savi­cārā as savitakka + savi + cāra
instead of the correct savitakka + (sa + vi­cāra).

Thanks for letting us know; however this is a systematic issue that won’t be solved any time soon.

You’ll find extensive discussions about this on this forum. But the essence is that currently we get about 85% correct. We aim to improve this by a number of means: improving the underlying dictionary, making the parser more sophisticated, and adding individual corrections one by one.

However this is a long term task.

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