In the Buddha’s Words


I wouldn’t worry about it, legally there is no problem for you.


Be careful with the tripod link - it tried to trick me into downloading some possible malware with a fake update flash player site popunder. The popunder opens in Firefox but not Chrome.


Should that be “an open-sorcerer”? It would be cool to have some of those in this community.


thanks for the warning, my browsers however don’t display any pop-ups or alerts


That is hilarious, Bhante @brahmali! I think maybe you’ve coined a new term! :crystal_ball:



Hi all,

None of these links seem to have English translations. However, when I have searched Google on a few of them just now I discovered that does indeed have English versions of some of them.

Does this document need to be updated?

If so, I will volunteer to do it.

Let me know



Never mind.

I discovered that though there are a few links in the anthology list that do not have suttas, most do.

It is just the formatting of the links that have suttas doesn’t make it so obvious.



How wonderful would it be to have an ePub version of this with the new translations. Hint hint wink wink. :wink:

Maybe I will make a project out of this after the proof reading is done. Might be an easy was to get a huge and thought out selection of key Buddhist teachings into a printable format as well as for phone/iPad readings for the masses.




What a wonderful idea! :slight_smile:


Yeah that is a lovely idea.


Okay I will get on it. I will arrange the proper links from SC to replace the BBodhi links using that index’s and change any titles and then when the proof readings is done, the only thing left will be copy and paste and create a PDF and EPUb.


I presume that the links in the OP will point to the suttaplex once that functionality is fixed up.
The links over here: In the Buddha's Words - Open Source Version - Dhamma Wheel already do that.

Note that in some cases Bhikkhu Bodhi just has a small selection from a sutta. When it is one of the DN suttas it would be helpful to use the facility to link to particular paragraphs.

I’m not clear what fuctionality you will use to create PDF and EPUb from having the links, and whether you intend to include the introductory essays, or whether copyright would preclude that…


I see. What I will do is wait until the translations are done because the AN links, for example, do already populate from the secondary expanded listed when pasted into SC. What could be done is copy and paste the suttas from that list and use the index to just create basically a duplicate of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s book, but with Ajahn Sujato’s translations and then convert it from word to EPUB so it can be viewed on mobile devices in a book type, page turning format. I’m not sure if you can use indexes in epubs to jump right to a sutta, but if so that would be swell. At the least, having them compiled by subject like that would be nice to have printed. I own Bhikkhu Bodhi’s book already, but it would be nice to have Ajahn Sujato’s. I supposed things like this will be in the works already once the translations have been proof read, but I’m happy to help if I can. I’m not overly techy but compiling suttas into a word doc with links is doable. I’ll look around to see the best way to do this and maybe others have ideas of the best way to create a linkable index in epubs. Maybe Acrobat for PDFs would be better to deal with links.


This all sounds great, guys. Just to let you know, the proofreading is getting done and updates are on their way.


Can you explain this? It sounds like a functionality that I did not know existed!


Bhante, while we have your attention, could you tell us whether there are more talks in this series?

Frustratingly, the series stops just before the “Path to Liberation”… :cry:


Also, is there a place to download those talks and others on that site in higher audio quality?


Sorry, I can’t be of much help. When I was at Santi, a number of monastics and volunteers contributed to recording and uploading my talks, and I didn’t keep track of things. If it’s not on Youtube, BSWA, or, I wouldn’t know where to look.


@mkoll, I’m not sure if the question regarding ‘that site’ is referring to @mikenz66’s post just above yours or other audio recordings mentioned in the thread; just in case: the source link to the recordings from Santi FM is here Dhammanet | Spreading the Wisdom and it also only contains recordings up to chapter six.

As for higher quality: the recordings here on D&D are compressed as 16kbps 11kHz mono mp3 which gives best size/quality ratio and does not reduce the quality of voice recordings by any substantial amount providing the original recording is in perfect (studio) conditions, which is rarely the case.

Nonetheless even if the recordings are encoded with highest bit rate and sampling 320kbps 44kHz stereo mp3 they will still sound as good or as bad depending mostly on the recording conditions (human voice range overlaps the range where most ambient noise and recording equipment flaws are prominent and this is extremely difficult to remove with post-processing).

This is why turning up the volume (to enable better voice recognition) usually makes things even worse since noise is amplified more in this range than speech. The best way to listen to (especially low quality) voice recordings is using headphones with lowest volume settings in a surrounding with zero ambient noise.