In the Buddha’s Words


Thanks for the info. The link you provided has higher quality recordings than the Santi site, at least for the In the Buddha’s Words talks. The speech in them is more intelligible. I often listen in the car which is an environment with a lot of ambient noise and it really helps to have higher quality recordings.


I can’t believe the Majjhima Nikaya talks 109-152 haven’t been uploaded yet. It’s been eight years now…

Maybe Blake has access to them?


Lol, it has been a while, no? I doubt if Blake has anything. If they exist, they will either be on a hard disk at Santi somewhere, or else with Damith at Dhammanet.


Some of these were posted on Santi YT channel, you can also find them (at the end) here:


Thanks. I downloaded the ones that I didn’t have before, but what I really wanted was MN 127 and 128. Doesn’t matter, Buddhists are patient…


It appears that the links in the original post no longer work. Here is a page with all of the links connected to SuttaCentral.

If someone wants to use the html of the page and update the original post, that’s fine.



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