*In The Buddha's Words*: free Vietnamese Audiobook

Pariyatti seems to have a free audio book of “In The Buddha’s Words” translated into Vietnamese.


cc @phineas-pta - In case you’re interested :grin:

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Thank you for sharing the information, Ven. Khemarato.

I have read this book in Vietnamese before but in another version which is freely distributed. It’s a very nice book with audio book too that I often share with my friends and relatives.

I have not read this version yet but I guess it should be very similar to the one I read before because the quoted Vietnamese version of the Pali canon from 2 versions are all come from the same source which is the one beautifully translated by Bhikkhu Thich Minh Chau.

Below is the playlist in Youtube of the audio book of the version that I read:


Thank you so much! :pray: :lotus:

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