Integrating the Discourse dictionary plugin to D&D?

I just noticed this plugin for the forum software we use:

You can watch a video demo from that list.

Currently there is a project to integrate the DPD into SuttaCentral dictionary lookup. Perhaps as part of this work an API could be created to allow us to use this plugin to serve up Pali definitions.

Another use case could be for the sutta blurbs. We already have an API that offers up the blurbs, so perhaps they could be added using that API.

What do folks think?

That looks awesome, definitely worth checking out!

I watched the demo again and it appears that the way the plugin works is by inserting the definition into the post. That means that someone could alter the definition. With blurbs that’s probably not a big deal. But definitions someone could mess with them.

My original idea (why I went digging into the list of plugins) was to automatically add blurb popups, kind of like how citations are auto linked. I couldn’t find a plugin that did that.