Intention in 4th Jhana

Hi, everyone!

I was reading some sutta excerpts related to the description of jhanas. Some questions came to my mind…

What do the suttas say about cetana in the jhanas?
What occurs to cetana during the transit to each succesive stage?
Or, more specifically, is volition present in the 4th jhana?

When the suttas state that the mind is pliable and maleable on the 4th jhana, and that such qualities allow the mind to attain the three knowledges, does the meditator do that while in the 4th jhana, or s/he does that after emerging from it? Because, if in 4th jhana volition has (temporarily) ceased, how can that feat be possible?

Thanks in beforehand for your time.
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There is always mindfulness, see MN 111.