Intentional Rebirth

In a recent conversation with my favorite Bikkunis, they jokingly said, “Maybe you should be a monastic in your next life.”

Was it really a joke, I thought? Sounds like a great idea to me. But is it possible regarding the suttas?
Thanks with Mucho Metta!


AN8.35:1.3-12, etc.:
First, someone gives to ascetics or brahmins such things as food, drink, clothing, vehicles; garlands, fragrance, and makeup; and bed, house, and lighting. Whatever they give they expect back. They see a well-to-do aristocrat or brahmin or householder amusing themselves, supplied and provided with the five kinds of sensual stimulation. It occurs to them:

‘If only, when my body breaks up, after death, I would be reborn in the company of well-to-do aristocrats or brahmins or householders!’

They settle on that idea, concentrate on it and develop it. As they’ve settled for less and not developed further, their idea leads to rebirth there. When their body breaks up, after death, they’re reborn in the company of well-to-do aristocrats or brahmins or householders.

But I say that this is only for those of ethical conduct, not for the unethical. The heart’s wish of an ethical person succeeds because of their purity.


AN3.76 and SN55.22 are other Suttas among perhaps many that give the same idea. It is all about training the mind.
With Metta


Beyond coming and going.

What do you think that means?

Thanks, that is very heartening. But while I strive for perfect ethical conduct, I am not perfect in my efforts. Is there a sliding scale? LOL!
So if I understand that passage, then it is possible to intend one’s next rebirth. Right?

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Thank you. I think that means that craving leads to more suffering. But then what of the desire to become enlightened? Is that not the desire to become?
With Metta!!!

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"Suppose there was a tree that slants, slopes, and inclines to the east. If it was cut off at the root where would it fall?”

“Sir, it would fall in the direction that it slants, slopes, and inclines.”

“In the same way, a noble disciple who has four things slants, slopes, and inclines towards extinguishment.”"
Makes sense. Thanks.

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Craving is one of the primary causes of suffering, but most particularly, craving that which is marked by giving rise to further pain, stress, dissatisfaction and suffering. Not all habits or practices of aspects of experience give rise to stress.

There is a difference between clinging and desire. When one is hungry: there is a need for the body to eat or it will perish. This is a helpful action. Eating food in excess can bring detriment.

The wish or desire to identify the causes of suffering and uproot them as well as cultivate insight into the intricacies of the Noble Path is a helpful one. The importance of the Buddhadhamma becomes more apparent the more one experiences stress… for stress and its cessation are the reasons the Noble One’s speak.

Thus, it is about whether or not your relationship to a particular thing further perpetuates pain, stress, worry, dissatisfaction and suffering. There are helpful wishes and unhelpful ones.

We had little control over our becoming initially. It is our parents who brought us into being.

To me, ‘beyond coming and going’ means ‘arrived, totally rooted, completely present’ - completely awake.

Yes, thank you. This makes complete sense.

This is my only goal. As a lay person, I find my attachments to be voluminous. I remain dedicated to the intricacies.
Thanks so much for the clarification.

Namo Buddhaya!

"Once, monks, the thought occurred to King Yama: ‘Those who did evil actions in the world are tortured in these many ways. O that I might gain the human state! And that a Tathāgata — worthy & rightly self-awakened — might arise in the world! And that I might attend to that Tathāgata! And that he might teach me the Dhamma! And that I might understand his Dhamma!’

You already have a human birth during a dispensation, defilements don’t end by becoming a monastic.

You should play your cards right in this life as to realize your potential. Nevermind future birth, i hope it doesn’t happen for you.

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Ha! Well said, my friend. Non returning would be fine with me, though I don’t suspect that I am that far along the path. Though I do aim well, my arrow may be defective. LOL.
May rebirth not be in your Karma as well.

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Still, a person all the same with the capacity for full awakening. Our attachments that give rise to further suffering are the problem but non-attachment doesn’t mean aversion or pushing away, either!

All the best to you Rosie.

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