Interlopers in the Bhikkhu's English Pācittiyas

Hi all,

There are about a dozen pages between pc14 and pc51 which seem to be in the wrong place. (as they are Sekhiyas and Adhikaraṇa-Samathās) :upside_down_face:

Oh … and pc51 onwards (The Ajahn Brahmali translations) are still blank :no_mouth: Could you please publish them?



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Hey @666tomanderson :blush:

I couldn’t see any problems just scrolling through the list; they are all confessions. Do you have some screenshots?

Are you sure you’re in the Theravada section of the Vinaya list and not in one of the other schools?


Hello Venerable Akaliko.

Thanks for your reply … It looks like it was a temporary glitch or it has been fixed already as everything is working as it should when I just checked.

I’ll include a screenshot if it happens to me again. :slight_smile:

All the best



They will be published as soon as the translation is finalized which is not yet the case now. Also, the other rules that are already published are still undergoing revision and will be updated when everything is finished.