International Online Uposatha Programme

The group that did one of the online Vesak programmes has decided to continue to do a programme every uposatha day. Actually two, one on the official poya day and one on Saturday

Friday 5th Sri Lanka
Saturday 6th International (NZ, AU, UK, Dubai, CA, US)

As with the Vesak programme, it will be a mixture of live and recorded things.

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Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the vesak program. I have had a very limited exposure to different styles of practice, and it was just so lovely to see.

It is also possible to subscribe, if people are interested, and then the notifications drop straight into ones mail box :smiley:


There is another online live Uposatha programme this Sunday. Not quite the uposatha day, but for scheduling reasons it had to be moved:

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This group has moved their online uposatha programme to be the first Sunday of every month, which happens to be tomorrow (Sept 6th, 2020)

Here is information with the schedule and how to connect:

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