Introducing Little Dust

Introducing Little Dust

Little Dust Buddhist Community is a new grassroots Dhamma project led by Bhante Akaliko with a small group of volunteers.

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The Little Dust Story

The name Little Dust comes from the story found in the suttas of Brahmā Sahampati requesting the Buddha to teach out of compassion:

“Sir, let the Blessed One teach the Dhamma! Let the Holy One teach the Dhamma! There are beings with little dust in their eyes. They’re in decline because they haven’t heard the teaching. There will be those who understand the teaching!”

Dust turns up throughout the suttas as a metaphor for defilements. The term
apparajakkha means having little or no passion or impurity (appa = small, little, trifling; raja =dust, dirt, defielment, impuirity). The term apparajakkhajātikā refers to a being who has little dust, or little defilement who is capable of learning the Dhamma. Being free of dust (viraja) is a term associated with enlightenment.

Read more about the EBT inspiration behind Little Dust in this blog post.

Reaching Regional Buddhist Communities

Little Dust is for all beings with little (or a lot) of dust in their eyes.

The purpose of Little Dust is to connect people across Australia to the Buddha’s teachings and engage a wide range of people, including Buddhists from diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as new Buddhists and the Buddh-ish. Little Dust aims to make Buddhism available to everyone but will have a special focus of providing meditation retreats, talks and cultural events in regional and country areas, where Buddhist communities are often quite isolated and access to the Dhamma is very limited.

The Little Dust logo was designed by Kyle Neo, using a textured and gritty aesthetic, to capture that feeling of dust and dirt sticking to us. The burnt orange colour of the logo represents Buddhist monastic robes and is also the rusty colour of the soil found in regional areas of Australia where Little Dust’s work will be done.

Learn more about Little Dust on our website’s About page.

Supporting Little Dust

Little Dust is a not-for-profit organisation with the charitable purpose of creating flourishing Buddhist lay and monastic communities. You can help provide:

  • Buddhist teachings, meditation and cultural activities for communities across metropolitan and regional Australia
  • Spiritual care to the lay community
  • Material support for Buddhist monastics

See Little Dust’s Support page for more information.

P.S. Yes, folks... I'll be moving on, after several years living with my teacher and dear spiritual friend, Bhante @sujato at the Monastery at the End of the World (ahem...the world hasnt ended as hoped, so I have decided to make the most of what time is left...) I'll be leaving before the Rains Retreat to spend some time in Thailand to develop my meditation practice and then travelling to Singapore and Malaysia to meet communities there.

After that, Little Dust will be my main focus and I will be a wandering monk looking for a place to settle and shake off the dust!


This sounds awesome! :heart_eyes:
Happy travels and all the best with this project!

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It does indeed sound awesome.:ghost:
I hope you make an excellent retreat. :pray:
And enjoy travelling in SE Asia as much as I enjoyed living and working there. :monkey:
Hope to catch up with you somewhere in rural Australia. :blue_car: