Introducing Rainbodhi France - A New Chapter of Inclusivity and Compassion

I’m thrilled to share news about Rainbodhi France! We’re creating an inclusive space for Buddhism in the queer community, offering inspiring meditation, enriching teachings, open discussions, and vibrant social events. Our commitment is to provide a safe environment for everyone, regardless of background or language in France.

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We welcome individuals of diverse origins, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, body types, skills, and cultural identities, including refugees.
All events are free
reflecting our dedication to accessibility. Our core values are inclusion, compassion, and wisdom.

Are you are French speaker or stay in France? we invite you to join us, share your wisdom, and contribute to creating a space of acceptance and spiritual growth. And share this dhamma message with your French speaking kalyana friends!
You can write to us;


Hi Kaushal,

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Danny (on behalf of the moderators)


Dear Danny,

Thank you very much!


Great initiative @Metta_Kaushal, and welcome! I am a French speaker :), but I am based in Switzerland. I’ll keep an eye on your events in case I am around. I’d be happy to meet.


Merci, Envoyez-nous un e-mail. Nous garderons votre contact et vous tiendrons au courant des événements ;