iOS and the Apple magic keyboard

This was asked a couple of years ago, and didn’t get a helpful reply, and now it’s my problem too.

The Latin Hindi font works well for 95% of the diacritic marks used for Pali when I’m using the touch screen. However the Bluetooth keyboard I got because I prefer ten finger typing seems to block access to alternative fonts.

Can anybody help me please?

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Somewhere I posted a solution for Bluetooth keyboard typing….

Here is the relevant bit from my original text file as I can’t find the link. Which I’ve now updated to have true retroflex dots

(Using a Bluetooth keyboard- must be turned on to see in settings)

  • Hindi (Latin) - ABC -Extended (This is also the default on English -Australian)

Option+w - nasal dot - ṅ ṁ

Option+n - glide - ñ

Option+x - retroflex dot: ṭ ḷ ṇ

Option+a - long vowel - ā ī ū

Fraid not! … Only one hit:

Option+w - nasal dot - ṅ ṁ …… ∑ ∑˜ ∑µ

Option+n - glide - ñ. …… ñ. :+1:

Option+x - retroflex dot: ṭ ḷ ṇ …… ≈† ≈¬ ˜≈

Option+a - long vowel - ā ī ū …… aa î uu

Which operating system were you using?
I have iOS 15.6.1

Your original post is here

I just remembered, when all else fails, ask the Summer Institute of Linguistics (they do Bible translations into many languages).

I’ve just downloaded their Keyman for iPhone and iPad App. Will report back when I’ve worked out whether it can handle the bluetooth connectiion.

I’m using IOS 15.2
My keyboard isn’t an apple magic one. Just a generic cheap eBay one.

Here’s a screenshot of my settings.

That’s the difference.
My previous keyboard wasn’t an Apple one and worked fine. That’s why I put “Apple magic” keyboard in the title. :rofl:

Not very magic then :wink:
I thought it might work as it’s the same key combinations I do on my macbook. :person_shrugging:

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I agree about not very magic. Your advice did help me before. If only they hadn’t sold out of the functional cheap ones the day I went to the store!!

I will keep experimenting.