Is Bilara ready-ish?

Is Bilara ready-ish? I’m guessing the answer is no, since the latest general thread I can find is this … Getting started on Bilara

And that there have been other threads recently trying to hash out basic functionality.

I’m asking because the small website I am helping with seems to be turning into a full translation project.

The specific issue that I’m facing now is how to help ensure consistency in the translation. So my specific question is, is Bilara at a point where it could help ensure consistency and also not be so unstable that we could loose everything.

I also realize that there may be no one with the time to coach a new user even if the platform is ready-ish.


Well, define “ready-ish”?

  • It’s stable and fast
  • You can translate Pali to English
  • Login and permissions work via Github.
  • Updating texts on Github is now reliable.
  • Brahmali and I have used it extensively.
  • Translation memory suggests previously-entered strings

There are a bunch of smaller bugs. Blake has completed a major refactoring to enable the following major functionality:

  • Add the remainder of the Pali texts (underway by Karl)
  • Enable three-way translation (eg. Pali and English to German): this is working, but there is no UI for it
  • Enable importing other data (variants, comments, etc) at user’s request (also present, but no UI)
  • Find/replace.

So it is coming along!


Dear Bhante,

That sounds ready-ish to me. What a blessing for the sasana.

The question then is, are there people who can provide support and/or are there instructions beyond the posts here on discourse? At one point you were discouraging people from starting in on projects using the system. Or are you at the point when early adopters are useful for putting things to the test?

Basically I don’t want to be a burden, but I also think “my team” or I will need to ask some questions.


This sounds fantastic, Bhante. Do you have any idea what “coming along” means in terms of time? There is someone else interested in starting a translation project for Japanese, and I am wondering if it is still worthwhile for them to start out by using sc-voice/scv-bilara like I do, or better just wait for Bilara?


I’m just reluctant to give dates until it’s actually ready. Let me discuss it with Blake this coming week.