Is it possible to include Maurice Walshe's Translations in the DN records?

I find his translations of the Digha Nikaya incredibly refreshing and comprehensive. Is it possible that we could include them in the translation choices?

I edited the title because the question was a bit redundant.

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Not possible… Because they are copyrighted and not available for free distribution.


I’m not sure how they are more comprehensive, it’s just the same texts.

But Walshe’s translations, while admittedly readable, are not very reliable, and I don’t recommend them. They are largely an updated version of the old Rhys-Davids translations, and where they are changed, Walshe often introduced new errors due to misunderstanding the Pali.


Oh, I was not aware of that, thank you Bhante Akaliko and Bhante Sujato. :pray:


Hmmm, I happen to be reading his translation of the Digha Nikaya right now, and must say I’m enjoying it very much (just finished DN16). Bhante, are there any standout Pali terms or concepts that he gets wrong throughout? If you could identify any specifically it would be most helpful!

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It’s not so much the technical terms; for those, he draws on the Nyanamoli lineage and they’re a marked improvement over the Rhys-Davids versions.

But often in suttas it’s the little things, the unusual phrases, the unexpected complications that make a particular text vivid and meaningful.

Anyway, here’s one I made earlier!

Thank you kindly for the link, Bhante! I’ve only read a smidge of what you say so far, but can already tell it will be most helpful. Again, thank you.