Is Mount Meru invisible to the naked eye?

I heard that Mount Meru is in the center of the world but we can’t actually see it so does that mean that Mount Meru is only visible to Gods and people who have the divine eye?

I did like the movie.

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I’m talking about the actual Mount Meru. If other planes of existence are invisible then Mount Meru could also be invisible. We won’t surely know unless we attain powers from the fourth jhana.

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I guess you answered your own question!

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As long as we cannot see heavens, hell, Mount Meru, etc they are not in our visible range. However, we wonder why we are unable to see them, and that is the human nature to be curious.
It is not possible to find answers to all these questions, but with modern knowledge we can make assumptions and new hypotheses.
Scientists argue that the universe consists of detectable and undetectable matter and energy and space. They further say, there are dark matter and energy, where dark energy and dark matter constitute 95% of total mass–energy content.
So I think the other planes of existence and things like Meru, and lake anavatapta might belong to dark matter and energy.

Is Mount Meru invisible to the naked eye?

Sadakata’s Buddhist Cosmology (1997, pp. 26-30) has an insightful discussion about the concept of Mount Meru/Sumeru in early Buddhist thought. Hope this helps. :anjal: (Scroll down for an image of what might have been the original Mount Meru.)

Below: the Kuh-i Rahmat (Mountain of Mercy), located next to Persepolis in what’s now Iran. Kuh-i Rahmat may have been the original Mount Meru, as argued in Spooner (1915, pp. 406-7). Image source: NASA Earth Observatory.

Spooner, David Brainerd. “XIX. The Zoroastrian Period of Indian History.” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 47, no. 3 (1915): 405-455.