Is nature conscious?

It seems to me that for intentions and kammic actions to be registered, weighed and calculated, there needs to be some kind of intelligence or consciousness.

It is said that the law of kamma and vipaka is a law of nature. Does it therefore follow that nature is intelligent or conscious?


Buddhism is not panpsychism.

So how does the evaluation of kamma work?

Okay Bhante, these are 416 pages.

Do you think the answer to my question is inside them?

Since a person can arguably never even evaluate all motivations and intentions leading to an act themselves, how is it evaluated by the law of kamma and by what intelligence?

Electrons follow the laws of physics without needing to have a brain or consciousness in it.

A ball falls down due to gravity without needing a brain or consciousness in it.

Law of kamma being a law of nature is just like that, but it does govern sentient beings which can be reborn.

Also, your question above is vague. I could easily reply that the exact workings of kamma are unthinkable or it leads to madness.

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In short: Yes.

And if I try to follow this up with more data, next thing happening is that this post is flagged.

Far to many sariputtas and desperatly few mogallanas


Haha, what a statement. Can you elaborate?

Ok fair enough Venerable.