Is Sutta Central slower than usual?

It might be my connection, but Sutta Central suttas seem to take much longer to be retrieved. Is this just me?

I am using Chrome. It seems much faster in the Sutta Central app.

I am on the other side of the planet. It works fine for me.

I’m using the latest Firefox on Mint ( Linux ) 20.2 on a P.C…

I get a wide range of response times over the course of the day. Its okay now. Thanks for the feedback.

I check in frequently. I haven’t had any speed issues.

Let us know if it keeps up. But it seems fine for me.

Similar problem here.

It is browser dependent, though. I have Firefox, where it is slow. Chrome is fine.

I think it is the progressive app offline download option that I tried on Firefox. It didn’t work offline, and now it is slow online. Clearing the download history so far has no effect.

Any ideas? I’d love to get the offline function working also.

I also use FireFox and I also find it very, very slow. Chrome doesn’t seem to have that problem.

I have the development version of FF installed and to my knowledge I haven’t done the offline download on it (but I could be mistaken). It is also slow but not as slow as the FF I use all day long. Sorry, that’s probably useless information.

It’s not a problem with the API since SC Light loads instantly.

What happens for me is that when I open a new sutta (by putting the url in the url bar) a new tab opens and the on-screen heading of the previous sutta that I had open on SC (at some previous time) loads on the screen. The yellow progress pulse bar pulses for a while and then eventually the correct heading loads and then eventually the sutta loads.

I realize all of that may not be useful and that troubleshooting issues like this is nearly impossible. I’m sincerely happy to wait for the page to load.

It’s always been a bit slow on ff, no idea why. My guess is there’s a specific JS feature we use that is slow, but we’ve never been able to find it. If anyone can do some profiling and isolate the issue we’ll take a look.

I never had such issues till I downloaded the offline version. Now I’ve cleared Firefox own internal download history (rather than clicking the “clear downloads” box on SC) the problem is resolved.

When I reported earlier it took 10 seconds or so to load a page. Now it is back to less than a second. Firefox for me is not slower than Chrome. If anything it seems the other way around.

On the other issue: I tried the offline use option also in Chrome and also a fresh install of Brave, but had no luck with both either. This function has not worked for me since it first launched years ago, and neither does it for many others, judging by a google search. Perhaps it’s worthwhile adding a note that this functionality may not work, instead of the affirmation that “Your browser supports Progressive Web Apps!” followed by a green tickbox. (Edit: it also doesn’t work on Opera.)

You are my hero! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I did the same (under Storage in developer tools) and now it loads faster than I can ever remember.

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