Is the text of the Sarvastivada Dirgha Agama available somewhere online?


I recently found a paper describing the contents of the Sarvastivada Dirgha Agama (about 75% of it exists as fragments). Does anyone a few steps ahead of me know of the text being available anywhere?


This paper? (PDF) The structure of the Sanskrit Dirgha-agama from Gilgit vis-a-vis the Pali Digha-nikaya | Roderick S Bucknell -


Yeah. I found that one today, which has nice tables showing how the Sarvastivada seems to distribute their texts between the Dirgha and Madhyama. There a journal article I had found a few days back that was written by researchers who had put together the fragments and published a reconstructed table of contents, plus a translation of one of the texts. At the time, I was trying to determine what Lohicca’s name was in Sanskrit (Lohitya).

I’m guessing there’s no electronic text yet. A printed book reference would be great too.


Try emailing the author of this paper, if you can find his email online by searching for him?

Also, i also found Hartmann’s paper here:

Maybe try him too?


That’s the one! Thanks. Yeah, I think following up with these authors may be the most direct course.


@Aminah - can you add this paper to epic Parallels development overview · Issue #1169 · suttacentral/suttacentral · GitHub as it contains interesting parallels.