Is the text of the Sarvastivada Dirgha Agama available somewhere online?

I recently found a paper describing the contents of the Sarvastivada Dirgha Agama (about 75% of it exists as fragments). Does anyone a few steps ahead of me know of the text being available anywhere?


This paper? (PDF) The structure of the Sanskrit Dirgha-agama from Gilgit vis-a-vis the Pali Digha-nikaya | Roderick S Bucknell -

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Yeah. I found that one today, which has nice tables showing how the Sarvastivada seems to distribute their texts between the Dirgha and Madhyama. There a journal article I had found a few days back that was written by researchers who had put together the fragments and published a reconstructed table of contents, plus a translation of one of the texts. At the time, I was trying to determine what Lohicca’s name was in Sanskrit (Lohitya).

I’m guessing there’s no electronic text yet. A printed book reference would be great too.


Try emailing the author of this paper, if you can find his email online by searching for him?

Also, i also found Hartmann’s paper here:

Maybe try him too?


That’s the one! Thanks. Yeah, I think following up with these authors may be the most direct course.

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@Aminah - can you add this paper to epic Parallels development overview · Issue #1169 · suttacentral/suttacentral · GitHub as it contains interesting parallels.




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I just read the paper posted above. And noticed the author was unsure whether this collection in Sanskrit was Sarvastivadin or Mulasarvastivadin. One of the things I haven’t seen is whether comparisons of these texts were made with the Tibetan Upāyikā (which I read elsewhere were excerpts of mulasarvastivadin suttas in origin) and the individual sarvastivadin suttas preserved in the Kangyur (most of which are sarvastivada?) in order to ascertain which of the two schools this collection belongs to. Has that work been started?

Also, @cdpatton, did you manage to get a copy by e-mailing them?