Is the Valerie Roebuck, 2010 edition of the Dhammapada, a good/reliable English translation?

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Greetings, I’m looking at purchasing a copy of the Dhammapada. Is this translation reliable enough, or should I look at another edition? Many Thanks :smiley:

The Dhammapada

Penguin Classics

By: Valerie J. Roebuck

Printed 2010


Just reading a few excerpts on her website, it looks good. She has a fine scholarly pedigree, so this would seem to be a good choice. I’d love to read her translation of the Upanishads, too!


My Penguin Classics one is translated by Juan Mascaró.
How is that version considered?




Bhante @sujato, is Bhikkhu Ānandajoti ‘s the best English translation on SC?