Is there a Garbhāvakrāntisūtra parallel in Pāli?

In the Kṣudrakavastu of the Mūlasarvāstivāda vinaya there is a sūtra called the Garbhāvakrāntisūtra. My first question is, does this scripture have a direct Pāli counterpart that anyone knows about? My second questions is, do we have either the Sanskrit, Tibetan, or Chinese Kṣudrakavastu yet uploaded?

Is it San Lo Mvu52?

[EDIT: no. it is not.]

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I don’t think so, bhante. That link lead to something translated as “Gotama’s Early Wanderings.” Garbhāvakrāntisūtra, I think, titles itself as a scripture on “the entry into the womb.” Was there a specific part of San Lo Mvu52 you were thinking of that I didn’t see? I just looked at the link for a second.

I don’t believe so. I suspect it may be an elaborated account of the famous passage on conception found in the nikayas. But this is just a guess.

Ahh, no. Sorry about that.