Is there a way to hide a thread that has no replies?

Is there a way to hide a thread that has no replies?

Hide it from where? Do you mean that you never want to see any post with no replies in your latest feed?

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I mean if I don’t like a topic, there is a thread about it, there are no replies to it so there is no “Mute” option on the right margin, is there still away to mute the thread, hide it from my list of threads?

Are you on desktop or mobile? I’m on desktop and even when there is only the OP, I still see that mute button.

You have to scroll to the bottom, though. It is not an icon:


Thank you Venerable Snowbird!

It is not possible to hide a thread that has no replies on most online forums or discussion boards. If you are the creator of the thread, you may have the option to delete the thread. However, this will permanently remove the thread and any associated content.

If you are looking to hide a thread that you are following or have participated in, you may be able to use the “mute” or “ignore” function, if it is available. This will remove the thread from your view, but it will still be visible to others.

On the other hand, you can also try using the search or filter functions to limit the threads that are displayed. This can help you to focus on the threads that are more relevant to you, and potentially hide threads that have no replies.

I think the issue has been resolved. @Jhana4?

It is possible to do if you follow the instructions in my post.