Is there a way to tell if off line version is working on my device?

I have recently found sutta pages on the site to be loading very slowly. I believe I have the site saved for offline use, so this is kind of puzzling. Is there a way to know for sure that offline is working other than to go off line and try to load pages?

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Hi @Snowbird. If you’re talking about The Sutta Central App … As it is a Progressive Web App (PWA) you could check as follows:

Using Chrome on a Windows PC, right click on any page in the app and select Inspect.

Navigate to the Application tab

If the service worker (in this case sw-generated.js is running, the site is being updated as it is the service worker script that checks to see if there are updates needed each time there is an internet connection.

This works in Chrome on a Windows PC and Microsoft Edge is similar but I haven’t delved into other situations.

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Thanks! When I checked it was stopped.

Just in case others are curious what this looks like in Firefox:

It seems like the Applications tab is disabled by default.

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