Is there such mention in the Sutta about Microbes being predicted by the Buddha?


I contest that the action of hiring an assassin is not the same as an action to kill. Are you suggesting that the assassin has no volition? That they are merely a chemical or mechanical process in this instance? If so, then I understand your reasoning.

My point is that I don’t know where it comes from or even if it’s meat at all. Traditionally we don’t eat horse meat in the UK. A few years ago there was an investigation checking the DNA of meat products and they found lots of horse DNA. I simply don’t trust the labels on food products.



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Dearest Stu,

It’s interesting that you mention that sometimes we don’t know where the meat comes from.

A Thai friend offers venison to me and I said no, knowing that her husband likes to go hunting. BUT she then explained that her husband skill is so poor that he never gets anything. However, on the way back from the bush, he always find a dead deer on the road killed by motorists. So, he just took the dead deer home and butchered it for his wife to cook.