Is this table of jhana factors listed accurately?

4th jhana doesn’t have pleasure, pleasureable feelings ends at 4th jhana, 3rd is the highest for it.

Also, there’s some suttas which would say that 1st jhana also has one pointedness, just that it rarely appears. Someone might be able to cite these for you.

There’s no advantage to splitting the abhidhamma and Visuddhimagga jhana into 2 different thing when everything you list for them is the same. Also, technically they use the 5 jhana classification.

and why put access concentration up there in the title, access concentration is not absorption Jhāna.

Thanks. I am not the one made this. I found this online from book of one of American teachers and I just want to know whether the information from these different sources are extracted and listed correctly or not.


Leigh Brasington.

Not a monk teacher