Issues with Gujarati, Marathi and Korean UIs

The Gujarati, Marathi and Korean UIs don’t display how many suttas have been translated in each Pitaka on the front page. Please fix this problem. If someone who speaks or can read in any of these languages wants to read a sutta they won’t know where to look.

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@HongDa I can confirm this issue on my device. Ctrl Shift R does not solve the problem.

However, if I do the “Clear cookies and site data” in FF, then if I switch to gu or mr the number of texts for English appear instead of for gu or mr. Strange. What is also strange is that this does not happen if I do the same but switch to ko. No matter what that appears blank.

I have tested all the other languages and they appear fine. Except for Mongolian, but I don’t think we have any of those texts yet.