Issues with the new suttacentral website


Where do I report issues with the new SuttaCentral website? Currently, all my bookmarks from the old suttaCentral website are not working? “error 404. Page not found”. Is the old SuttaCentral website still around or completely gone?

Thanks for your help.


Hi! Some people are sharing issues here:

I think the issue with some links is that the /en/ in the path is not there on the new site. Maybe the community will come up with a fix.


Yes, we are sorry for this, incoming links will be mostly broken.

The problem is that in the old site we only supported a single translation in one language, so the URL just has the language and the text ID. This was short-sighted!

Now we support multiple translations of the same text in the same language, so we had to add the author name to the URL.

We did discuss ways of automatically redirecting old URLs, but found no solution, I’m afraid. We will look into it again and hope to find some solution.

Meanwhile, if you remove the language code from the URL it will give you the “suttaplex” card with links to translations, etc. Alternatively, if you prefix all the old URLs with “legacy” they should work just fine, but go to the old site.


The new site will not load at all for me using Safari browser (10.1.2) :worried: Discourse works fine.

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Is that on MacOS or iOS?

Safari should work, so there may be a last minute bug happening here, we will look into it. But if you could update to Safari 11, web developers around the world will send you a special blessing!


I think nobody answered your question yet about the old site: yes, it is around on




The problem I have is that there are thousands of these links on, and probably other forums, embedded in user posts. Editing all of those is not a simple matter.

So if there is a software solution on SC to fall back to a valid URL, that would be very much appreciated.


I agree and I have put it on the issue list to do. There are also many of such links here on D&D.

In any case, the old links have to redirect to the suttaplex cards and not to a 404 error page.


I can’t access the new site.! :crying_cat_face:


What browser are you using?

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Microsoft Edge (latest version?)

I’m trying to go to Chrome, but you have to give this low-tech disciple of yours some time to work it out!

Sorry, @dheerayupa, Edge is not supported as of now. Over 12,000 developers have voted for the relevant issue in Edge to be fixed, but it is still not done:

It could in principle be made to work with polyfills (i.e. lots of ugly code trying to do what a small amount of elegant code should do) but as you see this doesn’t seem to work at the moment either.


This is an important problem for us, so please wait a little while, we will try to figure something out.


Dear Bhante,

I’ve just moved to this new computer a few days ago. So, I have to try to find a way to get Google Chrome to be my search engine. :crying_cat_face:

Never mind, it will be worth it!

Hello Bhante,

I think a simple solution would be to redirect the language based urls’ to the sutta card, at least it sounds simple :smiley: .

For example:

would redirected to:

I won’t say this should be trivial, but it should be workable, so long as it doesn’t overflow to break working url’s :wink: .


Dear Bhante,

I’ve managed to set ‘Google Chrome’ as my default browser. Now I can access the new version (though it took me sometime to find this page).



Yes, this is probably the simplest idea. Of course nothing in tech is really simple!

The problem comes from the complexity of the data, and from the fact that the old URLs simply have less information than the new ones. But the good news is that a fix doesn’t have to be 100%, as many of the more obscure texts probably have few links. So long as we can capture the majority of the main ones, we should be okay.

Our techs have discussed this, and will do more in future, but meanwhile if there’s any programmers out there who’d like a crack at this problem, let us know!