It seems a misunderstanding

Was there a misunderstanding in the teaching? I know this has been discussed elsewhere I think. But I only mention temporary emancipation as extra. But my main question is if what I see here of the cause for controversy makes sense? But also some topics is really long to go through. But actually I searched didn’t find it. But last time I did I remember this kind of connecting temporal emancipation with liberated by discrimination and Nibbāna element with residue left and Anāgāmins not talked about. So is possible it’s that?

This controversy was probably created because Buddha declared two type of Arahants and the two Nibbāna elements.

So liberated by discrimination and liberated by wisdom.

And Nibbāna element with residue left and without.

The early teaching of these schools probably called temporary emancipation the Arahant with residue left?? Or liberated by discrimination.

But it seems there also a misunderstanding in what temporal emancipation meant. Which was probably like Anāgāmins. Which is temporarily in heaven until getting full nirvana. Reason Māra did not see the Elder Arahant for example is because it’s a heaven Māra can’t see.

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