Jhana samyutta, SN 34 and SN 53

i see suttacentral calls SN 34 samadhi samyutta,
and SN 53 jhana samyutta.

in cst4 burmese tipitaka both are “jhana samyutta”.

both SN’s are interesting.

my main question is on SN 34.
is that EBT?
it looks suspiciously like an abhidhamma thing. i know that using matrices and doing millions of permutations for each sutta is not enough evidence, so i’d like an expert opinion.

Not an expert, but it appears that neither of these saṃyuttas is found in the Saṃyukta Āgama. However, if I remember correctly, the Geya Aṅga in the SĀ does have endless permutations…

For (mostly) this reason, Yin Shun counts the number of sūtras in the SĀ as being 13,412. If all the repetitions are left out, it is more like 1359.