Jimmy Barnes on Buddhism and addiction


Awesome! Didn’t even know Barnesy was into Buddhism :+1:

And he’s right about the strength in Buddhism is that it gets you to look inwards. Awesome :ok_hand:

Yes, he married a Thai wife, and they used to visit the Thai monastery in Bundanoon. By the time I got to Bundanoon, though, they weren’t around any more. :disappointed_relieved:

On the subject of Aussie singers practicing Buddhism, you know Wendy Matthews, right? Well, she ended up being a neighbor of my dad’s for a while, and she told us of the time she had found solace at a Buddhist temple. Quote: “I had a bad haircut and PMT and cried for a week.” Finally, someone gets the true purpose of staying in a monastery!


But how cool!

Ooooh, the feels.

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