John Kelly Pali course 2023: Warder lesson 19b

Thread for discussing chapter 19 of Warder for the class on January 9th 2024.

Meeting ID: 829 5896 1475
Passcode: anicca

Homework for this class:

  1. Learn the new grammar in Warder lesson 19 (pp.134-138);

  2. Read through and familiarise yourselves with the extensive new vocabulary in lesson 19 (pp.138-145). [Obviously, no need to try and learn it all - this is why we have great online dictionary tools now available!]

  3. Complete 1st paragraph of Lesson 19, Passage for Reading #1 (p.145).

  4. Translate 1st paragraph of Lesson 19, Passage for Reading #2 (p.147), and if possible the 2nd paragraph.


Happy New Year to all of you in this class! I hope you are enjoying a good break from the weekly classes and wish you all the best for the coming year.

Important Announcement - class will now start 15 minutes earlier each Tuesday evening.
[8:45pm Sydney time, 7:45pm Brisbane time, 4:45am East Coast US time, and you work it out yourself for your own time zone!]

My apologies to all of you in the North and South American time zones, as I know it is already rather early in the morning for you to attend class. If it is too difficult, please don’t feel awkward about coming in late to the start of class and catching up with the recording afterwards.

My reason for doing this is so that we can extend the class time from a little over an hour to a little over an hour and a quarter. As it currently stands, many of you in the SE Australia time zones are wanting to end as the the time slips past 10pm.

And my main reason for wanting a little extra time together is to continue giving you a brief introduction to some Pāli texts outside of Warder and the Dīgha Nikāya. So, for the remaining 6 weeks of class (Jan 9, 16, 23, 30, Feb 6 & 13), the first 15-20 minutes or so of class will be something other than Warder.


It would be good if Gillian could modify the time shown in the Zoom link she posted above, but I understand she is on retreat at the moment. So, if there is anyone else with SC moderator powers that happens to read this and can make that change for me, I would be very grateful.


Done. Pl check correct.

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Thanks, Gillian.Looks good! :+1:

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I personally appreciate that Warder has chosen repetitive stories from the DN. I actually found myself able to read most of the readings for this week straight through with minimal recourse to the dictionary! 🫨 A nice review to warm us back up :blush:

See y’all in class! :grin:


It’s very confidence boosting! Made me feel almost as if I understood Pali :slight_smile:


I think Warder gets maligned too much. He may not give the clearest explanations but he selected and sequenced his materal with great skill.