John Kelly Pali course 2024: Warder lesson 20b

Thread for continuing our discussion of chapter 20 of Warder for the class on January 23rd 2024.

Meeting ID: 829 5896 1475
Passcode: anicca

Homework for this class:

  1. Study the remaining sections of grammar and vocabulary.
  2. Translate Passage for Reading 1.
  3. Translate Passage for Reading 2, paragraph 1.

Unfortunately I can’t attend this evening (my son’s birthday dinner), so please remind John to press the record button!!!

See you all next week. :slight_smile:


Dear John, the flu got me too now, unfortunately I couldn’t do the exercises and don’t feel comfortable to attend the zoom today. It’s a pity. Can I get the recorded zoom sessions from today and last time somewhere?


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I don’t feel too well, so I better get some sleep. My best regards and wishes to everyone else in the class.

In case anyone wants to compare answers, I’ve published my answers to Lesson 20 on my website. As the class winds down, I’ll probably clean up all my notes and answers and put them there as well, in case anyone in the future may find them useful.

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Seems as if a number of people are getting flu, RSV, or Covid these days. Feel better soon, Alan and Christie. Hope to see you next week.


Contact @sumana to get the class recordings.

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Yes, Covid had me on 1 Oct last year and it persisted the entire month. Rest, rest, and more rest everyone! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you @johnk I am getting better and looking forward to join the next session. Yet, I’m quite behind with the material at the moment.

@Sumana where can I get the recordings from the last two sessions?

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Thanks, I was very sleepy because I spent the entire previous night reading suttas. The good news is I’ve managed to find two passages I have been looking for months.

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I’m sorry I missed class last week (son’s birthday dinner) but I’ve caught up with the homework and viewed the recording.

With regard to the discussion of pāsādā orohitvā pāsādapacchāyāyaṃ abbhokāse caṅkamati, have you all seen Ajahn Brahmali’s essay “What is a pāsāda?

It was lovely to see you visiting Bhante Khemarato, in Thailand @Luis. I really enjoyed travelling in Thailand. :smiley: