John Kelly’s Pāli Class 2024 (G&K) Class 12

Thread for discussing John Kelly’s Pāli Class 2024 (G&K) Class 12 for the class on June 2nd / 3rd 2024.

Meeting ID: 829 5896 1475
Passcode: anicca

You will need to remain in the “waiting room” until host lets you in.

Homework preparation for this class:

  1. Review G&K Lesson V: Grammar – sections 1-4, pp. 67-70
  2. Study G&K Lesson V: Grammar – sections 5-10, pp. 71-73
  3. Study G&K Glossary V-1, pp. 64-67
  4. Complete G&K Lesson V: Readings 1-4, pp. 63-64

In today’s class we didn’t finish off all the readings from Lesson IV, so we will start next class by doing that. If you haven’t already done so, please complete Lesson IV Further Readings 3 & 4 on pp.58-59.



Hi John, our big event is tomorrow, so very unlikely I will be able to join the class. Have a good class everyone! :slight_smile:


Big event at Dhammadharini today. i regret not coming to Pali Class. This class is very valuable. --Bhikkhuni Sobhana


Fellow students, for the second reading passage in Lesson 5, you’ll see in John’s answer key that this appears in Snp 3.9 as well as MN 98.

For a really sweet chanting in the Sri Lanka style, go to the 13:29 mark in the following recording:
[MN 98 (Vāseṭṭhasutta) - Google Drive]

This makes it easier for me to appreciate the teaching itself, which otherwise feels a bit out of place in the textbook. It’s about three minutes long.

Then, when you have time, check out Dhammaruwan’s adult chanting of the Maṅgalasutta – source of our fourth reading passage (Kp 5). It begins at the 2:00 mark. It is the same Sri Lanka chanting style.

[Dhammaruwan - Google Drive]

I’m no expert on chanting (especially as a lay person), but I find this style simple and memorable.

Anything to help me learn pāli :heart_eyes:

:pray:t3: :elephant:

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Here is the pdf of the Power-point slides from today’s class
SC Pali 2024 Class 12 Slides.pdf (920.1 KB)


John thank you for uploading the recording to the shared drive. The date of the file reads 13 June… (for 3 June). With Much Metta

Thank you, Indira, for informing me of that typo. Now fixed!

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