John Kelly's Pāli Class 2024 (G&K) Class 6

Thread for discussing John Kelly’s Pāli Class (G&K) Class 6 for the class on April 21st / 22nd 2024.

Meeting ID: 829 5896 1475
Passcode: anicca

You will need to remain in the “waiting room” until host lets you in.

Homework preparation for this class:

  1. Review G&K Lesson II: Grammar, pp. 18 - 25
  2. Review G&K Lesson II: Initial Readings, pp. 14 - 15
  3. Study G&K Glossary II-2, p. 28
  4. Complete Lesson II, Further Readings, pp.26-27

I note that in Lesson II, Further Readings, Passage #1 (Paṭhamanidānasutta):

SuttaCentral assigns this as AN 3.111. In John’s answer key, it’s assigned as AN 3.112.

FYI for anyone tracking the location of these G&K passages.


Slides of today’s class please? Looked for it… maybe not yet uploaded?

Not yet, but soon …

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Here are slides from today’s class:
SC Pali 2024 Class 6 Slides.pdf (1.4 MB)

Sorry, Indira, that they weren’t there when you looked for them, but please remember that I do have another life outside of teaching Pāli, and sometimes my schedule on Monday late mornings and early afternoons have other scheduled activities! :grinning:

If you don’t see them uploaded within 24 hours, then it means I’ve likely forgotten, so would appreciate the reminder.


Thank you so much John… Much merit and Metta

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That must be an old version of my Answer Key, since my current one has AN 3.111.

It should be noted that at the time I first created my Answer Key, Sutta Central didn’t exist, and there are discrepancies in some of the numbering of AN and SN suttas in the various Pāli versions (the main ones being Ee [PTS], Be [Burmese], and Ce [Sri Lankan]). Later when I was working on assisting BB’s translation of AN, he sorted out all the numbering and then when I was part of the team initially creating SC, we standardised to the numbering used in BB’s AN and SN English translations. And then I updated my Answer Key accordingly and included the correct SC links.


@BethL and others - here is the newer version of my G&K Answer Key, updated with the revised sutta numbers and with all the known Sutta Central links included.
G&K John Kelly Answer Key 2021.pdf (846.7 KB)

@Gillian, would you please update the root post of the Pāli Class Resources thread with the 2003 version that is there with my 2021 updated version of this key? Thanks.


Just to check: you want to replace 2003 with 2001 version - going backwards? Or rename 2001 as 2004?

No. As I believe I said, I want to replace the 2003 version with the 2021 version.


Thanks for clearing up my confusion !
Peg :grinning:

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Done. … Please check.