John Kelly's Pāli Class 2024 (G&K) Class 8

Thread for discussing John Kelly’s Pāli Class (G&K) Class 8 for the class on May 5th / 6th 2024.

Meeting ID: 829 5896 1475

Passcode: anicca

You will need to remain in the “waiting room” until host lets you in.

Homework preparation for this class:

  1. Review Homework from last week:
  • G&K Glossary III-1, pp. 30 - 31
    1. G&K Lesson III: Readings (1st set, pp.29-30)
    1. G&K Lesson III: Grammar, sections 1-5, pp. 33 - 36
  1. Study G&K Lesson III: Grammar, sections 6-17, pp. 36-40

  2. Study G&K Glossary III-2, pp. 30 - 31

  3. Complete G&K Lesson III: Further Readings, pp. 41-43


Hi John, I’ll be attending with full energy tonight; however, I’ve fallen behind on homework due to a new work consulting job that demanded much of my time this week. (It’s only part-time and shouldn’t interfere going forward.)

So I won’t have the Further Readings done, but I’m willing to give them a go during class so long as people can stand my snail’s pace at translating them.

Much gratitude,


I must echo a similar predicament. I will also not have the “further readings” finished, but am happy to give them the old college try if called on in class. I’m a high school administrator and the month of May (which we affectionately call “The 90 days of May”) is an exceptionally busy time of year where I am stuck working very late hours while we wrap up the school year. Once June hits and it’s summer break here I will have much more time to study and practice. Until then, I’ll just try to keep my head above water.

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That’s fine, Beth and James. In actual fact, we’re not likely to get to the Further Exercises in today’s class.

The homework assignments are always aspirational!

Class 8 power-point slides from today are available here:
SC Pali 2024 Class 8 Slides.pdf (340.0 KB)